September 22, 2023
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5 Best colour prediction game to earn money online


Numerous fictitious colour prediction games with active websites that shut down after a year or less exist. Therefore, I’m providing the top colour or number prediction games today that are reliable, have been around for a while, and won’t go out of business. to allow you to play and make money for a long period. I’ve listed a few games that accept USD payments and are available both in India and outside.

I lost my account balance of 18,000 RS with one of those websites when colour prediction games like RXCE, Fiegame, Toddapple, Linacun32, and Tatamall were shut down after one to two years of operation. Join only reputable online games for money, thus. Consequently, let’s get started with our selection of online earning websites and apps. So lets see Best colour prediction games to make real money.

how to play games with colour prediction?

Best colour prediction games
Best colour prediction games

play these games and succeed at them. Along with studying patterns, you should be skilled at guessing. Red, green, and violet will be the three hues used in every situation (some games declare results every 2.5 minutes and some games declare it at every 30 seconds those called fast colour prediction). Red or green and violet may occasionally appear alongside red or green to provide a fixed result. If you choose red or green, there is a 50% chance that you will win, which means your return on investment will be doubled. Violet only occasionally appears, thus your investment will be multiplied by four.

Consider the following example for better comprehension: If I wager 500 RS on the colour red, and red shows in the next result, I will win 1000 RS. The odds of winning are likewise lower when you bet on numbers, but the earning yield is larger. With number prediction, you must bet on any number between 0 and 9, meaning that out of 10 numbers, one will show in the results. This means that the likelihood of winning is 10%, but if you do, you will receive 10X the amount of money you spent.

You will receive 5000 Rupees if you wager 500 Rupees on number 5 and it occurs in the next result. But given the increased danger, I advise against playing number prediction.

Best colour prediction games

1- Daman Games: Top Color Prediction & Casino Game

The best colour prediction game is offered by Daman Games, and they also provide a wide variety of other games, like slots, casino, Lotto, Odd-even, fishing earning game, and sports betting. I adore playing the real-time version of baccarat that is offered in the casino section. Baccarat requires that you place your bet on either the Player or the Banker side. The table girl will then deal out 2-2 cards at random on both sides, and the winner is the total with the highest value. If you placed your bet on the winning side, your winnings will be multiplied. Additionally, you can wager on Pair, Tie, etc., but it is a bit riskier but also more lucrative.

Daman Games - game for guessing colors
Daman Games

You will double your money by betting on the Player or Banker. If you bet on a tie, you will receive an 8X return. Similarly, if you bet on a pair and the pair ends up winning, you will receive an 11X return. Since they have been in operation for the past ten years and this game is quite simple to play, they are a dependable and authentic colour prediction software. In addition to working internationally with an international USDT payment option, Daman Games provides its services in India.

Create Daman Games Account

how to earn money with Daman without investment?

Yes, it is possible to make money without investing because you can refer your friends to play games instead of spending your own money and doing so on Daman. In this way, you will make money when your friends invest and play the game, and you will also make more money when your friends refer their friends. Daman Games’ promotion programme has a high earning yield and operates on a four-level system. I can make up to two thousand rupees per day playing games on Daman, and I can also make a daily income of 8000 rupees by getting others to play games.

The best feature of Daman is that it’s the only game that doesn’t charge customers any withdrawal costs. If you withdraw 10,000 rupees, you’ll receive the whole 10,000 rupees back in your account; in contrast, other apps typically subtract withdraw fees of between 2 and 3%.

I won 150K (1822$) worth gold

By inviting friends and relatives to use the Daman App by utilising his special invite URL, Daman games provide a robust earning mechanism, or Daman Promotion, that allows you to make money online without investing any money. With the help of the Daman referral programme, I may make anywhere from 5000 to as much as 40,000 per day in referral commission. Along with that, I received 20,000 in promotion task rewards for referring friends. There are three levels in the referral system.

Additionally, they hold a variety of referral contests for their agents. In one of these contests in September 2023, I placed fifth and received 50,000 INR (608 USD) in gold. In another contest in November, I placed fourth and received 100,000 INR (1214 USD) in gold. As a result, Daman is a very lucrative software or game of colour prediction. Daman games are demonstrated in the video below.

Click for detailed review Daman Games

2- Fiewin — A colour prediction software with additional games like Andar-Bahar

Fiewin - A color prediction Game
Fiewin – A color prediction Game

Fiewin is a reputable colour prediction game that also offers a quick 30 second colour prediction game and a 2.5 minute game. You can therefore play Fast Parity if you lack patience. Another enjoyable game is Andar Bahar. Playing the five different sorts of games on Fiewin will earn you money. Color prediction, dice, Andar Bahar, mine sweeper, and circle which sort of spin wheel and win game are some of the games available. A luck-based online cash game that I also like to play is called Spin and Win.

The best feature of Fiewin Cash is their fast withdrawals; Fiewin has the fastest withdrawal times. Five minutes after pressing “withdraw,” I have my money in my bank.

Register Fiewin Account

How can I use Fiewin to make money without making any investments?

Fiewin provides an invite-and-earn programme where you can earn referral fees at three levels, as was discussed with Daman Games. To benefit from the game, all you have to do is invite your friends, and then ask them to invite additional friends. Fiewin will pay you a commission every time one of your friends plays the game and wins. Additionally, they have a scheme called Agent Million Cash Growth whereby you may receive large prizes for completing each invite duty. For introducing 100 customers to fiewin recently, I received a reward of 10,000 rupees.

When I complete 200 referrals, I will receive a task bonus and commission worth 20,000 rupees. On Fiewin, I make between 1500 and 2000 rupees every day.

The method of “invite and earn” allows you to make money without investing any of it. You can withdraw your earnings or use that money to play games and increase your winnings.

Read more about Fiewin

3- Mantrigame – Best Online Color Prediction Game

Mantrimall game
Mantrimall game

In the reputable online game Mantrigame, you can place bets on the colours Red or Green and also make predictions about numbers to gain money. As stated at the outset of our post, you can earn two times as much money by predicting colours and ten times as much money by guessing numbers. Mantrigame, formerly known as Mantrimalls, solely features a website and app for colour prediction games. For the past two years, I have been working with the Mantrimalls colour prediction programme and making a solid living.

Register Mantrigame Account.

How can I play Mantrigame’s colour prediction game without spending any money?

Yes, you read that correctly. You may play Mantrigame’s colour prediction gaming for free and earn money at the same time. However, you must work on your marketing. When your friends and friends of friends play the game, Mantrigame offers referral revenue up to level 2, which allows you to earn money without making a deposit or investment. You may also use this referral revenue to play a colour prediction gaming for free.

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4- TC Games

TC Games offers a variety of skill-based games to play and make money, including casino, slot machines, sports betting, and other options. It is similar to Daman Games in that regard. They also provide a refer-and-earn promotion programme that you may use to make money without making an investment or adding money to your wallet. You will get paid every time one of your friends plays the game. Here is TC Games’ payment documentation.

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5- – Online Colour prediction game

Vclub Withdrawal proof
Vclub Withdrawal proof

Vclub is yet another top programme for predicting colours and numbers, and it allows users to make money online. Since Vclub only offers a colour trading game, I like to play games on Daman Games and Fiewin instead. On these sites, you may pick and choose from a variety of games and win real money. The Fast Wingo game at Vclub also offers results in 30 seconds, in addition to the standard Wingo game.

Join Vclub and Make money.

Earn money without investment on Vclub

A referral or marketing programme is available for the Vclub colour prediction game on the website, just like with other games. A 121R bonus will also be given to the person you recommend for gaming. Vclub has a three-level referral revenue structure. Despite the fact that they have low commission rates, the only way to earn money is by recommending friends.

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Color prediction game hack or winning tricks?

There isn’t a hack available to win and make money in online colour guessing games, and if you do, you’ll be banned and unable to access your account or take any money from it. As a result, you should never ever try hacking and other similar methods.

But you can try various tactics, such as researching prediction patterns or joining telegram groups that offer real-time predictions. You must play it wisely because the forecast patterns are ever-changing. The key to success is to put your newfound understanding of the algebra into practice.

Colour prediction games apk download online

It’s simple to obtain colour prediction apk online. Just sign up first, then head to the homepage of any website that offers colour guessing software. You will see a download icon in the top right corner; click on it to start the app download. Fiewin has a Playstore app, but I don’t use it; instead, I play these games on Chrome because Apk versions only use the standard browser, and Chrome is the most powerful browser available. Use Chrome to play on these earning apps at all times. In the meanwhile, Mantrigame’s apk can be downloaded by visiting to the My > App download option on Vclub’s website.

Happy earning, everyone! If you require assistance or have a query, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Note: Play responsibly as there is a chance of loss when playing the above-mentioned games and playing at online casinos.

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