September 22, 2023
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Best Online Earning Apps For Students

Want some additional money? We’ve listed the top online earning apps for students in this article to help them stretch their budgets.

Many college students may reach a point in their studies where it just doesn’t seem possible to balance their studies and a job. After all, while working a part-time job may help you pay the bills, it doesn’t really further your education. Instead, you might use that extra time to work on your grades. As it turns out, there are a lot more online earning apps available than you might think that let you work online.

Top 10 online earning apps for students

The top 10 online earning apps for students are shown below.

1. Notesgen

Notesgen - Online earning apps
Notesgen – Earn by selling notes

Students can make money using Notesgen, the ideal app. To start earning some pocket money for their contributions, all they need to do is share or upload their notes to assist other Notesgen users. Students can post handwritten notes for numerous courses and subjects, as well as for competitive exams, using the platform.

Students can make money using Notesgen in the following ways:

Sell their own notes

Students have the option of uploading and selling their own notes to other students who require them.

Create study guides

Study guides can be made by students, who can then sell them to other students for use in popular courses.

Offer tutoring services

Using Notesgen, students can charge other students for tutoring services and make money.

Sell custom essays

Custom essays can be written by students and sold to other students who require assistance with their schoolwork.

Review and grading of papers

Students can use Notesgen to review and evaluate papers for other students and make money.

Students can use Notesgen to make money and get the most out of their education by using these strategies.

2. Foap

Foap - Turn your photos into dollars
Foap – Turn your photos into dollars

With the help of the photo app Foap, users may market their images to customers all around the world. On the Foap platform, users can upload images that other users can buy for a variety of uses, including marketing, advertising, and personal usage. Users can concentrate on taking excellent images and earning money from them because Foap handles the licensing and payment processes.

Upload high-quality images

Upload high-quality photos: Since Foap customers want professional-quality images, make sure your pictures are sharp, well-lit, and high-resolution.

Use descriptions and keywords

Make sure to add relevant keywords and descriptions to your photographs when uploading them so that potential purchasers can quickly locate them.

Take part in Foap Missions

The winner of Foap Missions receives money. You may raise your profile and make money by uploading your images to Foap Missions.

Promote your Foap portfolio

The promotion of your Foap portfolio To reach more potential customers, share your Foap portfolio on social media and other websites.

Users can utilize Foap to convert their love of photography into a successful side business.

3. Bookscouter


Users of the BookScouter platform can offer their used textbooks for sale to a variety of brick-and-mortar stores and online merchants. Users can compare prices provided by several purchasers and sell their books to the one who gives the highest price using this tool.

Users of BookScouter can profit by:

Assemble their used books

Gather all the used textbooks they no longer require and prepare to sell them.

Price comparison tool

To compare prices given by various buyers, enter the book’s ISBN into BookScouter’s website.

Buy at the highest price

Choose the buyer who is willing to pay the most for the book, and then finish the transaction using BookScouter.

Repetition is required

To get extra money, keep re-creating the process with additional old textbooks.

Users can make the most of their education by utilizing BookScouter to sell their secondhand textbooks for money.

4. Ibotta


Utilize this app to take pictures of your receipts and get refunds. Create a free account, download the app, and select “Rebates” from the menu. Numerous excellent deals can be found here. The goods and the promotion will have an impact on the rebates.

5. Survey Junkie

While you are waiting for the bus, waiting for lunch, or wasting your time watching movies. You can easily earn money from Survey Junkie. As soon as I get out of bed in the morning, I prefer to make money using Survey Junkie. Simply signup and start earning and it’s totally free to use.

Once you’ve registered (which takes less than a minute), you may use your phone to take surveys while you’re on the move. When compared to many other sites, Survey Junkie allows you to make the most money in the shortest amount of time.

6. GigIndia

Another fantastic tool for Indian college students to make money is GigIndia. Working with well-known brands and businesses, doing simple gigs, part-time jobs, and work-from-home positions are all ways they can make money online. On the app, they may also apply for paid internships. The app is only now accessible through Android devices.

7. SquadRun

For Indian students, SquadRun is a helpful software where they may do various tasks to receive prizes called SquadCoins. According to the firm, they break down the operations of big corporations like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ola, and others into manageable missions for customers to fulfill. The tasks include providing feedback, categorizing things, and tagging photographs. Users can receive SquadCoins in their Paytm wallets or exchange them for PayUMoney points.

8. Lemonop

Another useful app for college students and recent graduates to locate compensated part-time jobs, temporary internships, and work-from-home opportunities is Lemonop. Opportunities can be found in their areas of interest, including, but not limited to, those related to food, travel, blogging, marketing, content writing, photography, music, hosting, fashion, code, and graphic design. The app is only now accessible through Android devices.

9. Slidejoy 

Slidejoy is one of the simplest money-making apps available, therefore it had to be on this list. I’m not telling you this because it will make you wealthy. Not at all. However, the developers claim that you’ll make a cool $5–$15 each month.

10. OfferUp


OfferUp is one of the easiest and most adaptable app that I have ever used. Similar to Craigslist, you can list your products, but you can also view the profiles of your customers. Additionally, you can choose to mail your products to strangers and receive payment via PayPal if you don’t want to meet up with them in person.

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