December 1, 2023
Cashkaro Refferal Code

CashKaro Referral Code 2023 and Get ₹60 Sign Up Bonus

The CashKaro Referral Code, Hello guys We hope you are all doing well. In this post, we will discuss the CashKaro Referral Code. By inviting friends, you can earn a flat 10% referral commission on any purchase they make through CashKaro. You can earn a variety of coupons and rewards.

Read the article all the way through if you want to earn rewards coupons and cashback.

India’s largest cashback & coupons website,, was established by Swati & Rohan Bhargava in April 2013. Mr. Ratan Tata and Kalaari Capital, one of India’s top venture capital firms, support us. With more than 5 million users,

With online purchasing, you can save up to Rs 20,000 each month. Through the CK App referral code or link, you can download it.

The CashKaro Referral Code

Install the Cashkaro app right away to start saving money. Earn a lot of cashback by shopping with any app through Cashkaro. Do you want to use online shopping to earn cash back and discount codes?

Let’s get a cash rebate!

Fashion, recharge & bill payments, health & medical, electronics, travel, fashion, food, and many other categories are available for transactions. You can earn double cash back by using this platform.

You will receive a reward from CashKaro and other online retailers if you utilize this platform to make an online purchase.

How Can I Get Coupons and Cashback?

How Can I Get Coupons and Cashback?
How Can I Get Coupons and Cashback?
  1. Launch the CashKaro app.
  2. Click or search from which retailer do you wish to buy or purchase?
  3. You’ll be taken to the website of that store.
  4. Discover the greatest offers, then buy them.
  5. You will then receive your refund within 5 minutes to 72 hours.
  6. Once your cashback has exceeded 250 rupees, you can NEFT it to your account or use an Amazon or Flipkart gift card to get your money back.

Why Download the CashKaro App?

  1. Get 100% Cashback Deals with the Highest Cashback Guarantee.
  2. Transfer Money to Your Bank Account or as Gift Cards for Real Cashback.
  3. Over 50,000 coupons are available, with discounts of up to 75%.
  4. Price comparison: Find the best deals on mobile phones, laptops, groceries, diapers, and other items across websites.
  5. Best Deal Guarantee: We’ll match any lower price you discover!
  6. All Online Shopping Sites: There are over 1500 partners with cashback programs.
  7. Best Referral: Refer friends and earn 10% of their cashback going forward.
  8. Quickest Tracking: Tracking within 60 seconds after your purchase.

How Can CashKaro Save You Money?

How Can Cashkaro Save You Money
How Can CashKaro Save You Money
  • The quick and cost-free signup process
  • Sign up and use the CashKaro referral code for a chance to earn Rs 60.
  • Over 1,500 online stores, including Amazon, Myntra, WOW, and The Man Company
  • When you have a minimum of Rs. 250 in your CashKaro account, you can deposit cashback, which is actual money, into your bank account.
  • Amazon gift cards can also be obtained by exchanging cashback and rewards.
  • Comparison of product prices
  • exclusive coupons for discounts
  • Over and above the discounts available on the shopping sites, cashback or rewards are given.
  • Income from lifetime referrals: 10% of Cashback collected by each customer in your network.
  • You can browse in a variety of categories, including those for electronics, food, apparel, cosmetic products, groceries, home goods, and more.


How to Receive a Rs 100 Welcome Bonus

  1. Open the Google Play store or go to the Cashkaro website from the Offer Page.
  2. Select “Join Free” in the page’s right upper corner.
  3. Next, sign in using an existing Facebook account or create a free account.
  4. Next, input the provided referral code along with your name, email address, password, and mobile number.
  5. Once you have received your OTP, enter it to validate your account by pressing the submit button below.
  6. A redirect to the Cashkaro app dashboard will appear.
  7. Next, sign up for the Cashkaro site and use its features to receive rewards and promo offers.
  8. Your payback bonus will be credited to the app wallet once you have used the various services.

How to Download the CashKaro app and Register?

SignUp and Register
SignUp and Register
  1. Install the CashKaro app.
  2. Launch the CashKaro app, then select “Signup/Join
  3. You have the option of joining via Facebook or email.
  4. Type your Full Name.
  5. Enter the appropriate email address, then pick a password.
  6. Type in your cell phone number.
  7. Enter the Cashkaro referral code.
  8. Select Get OTP.
  9. Verify and complete the OTP that you will get on your registered mobile number.

How to Share Your Cashkaro Referral Code

How to Share Your Cashkaro Referral Code
How to Share Your Cashkaro Referral Code
  • Launch the Cashkaro app on your mobile device, then be ready to share the referral code.
  • Next, select the my account link in the page’s lower right corner.
  • From the menu bar, select the Cashkaro refer and earn option.
  • After that, drag your fingertip over the copied option to copy your referral link and choose from a number of sharing options to send it to your friends.

Latest Promo Codes and Offers

  • Using the promo code TP025 on the Cashkaro app, you can purchase a Time Prime membership for 200 less than the regular price and receive an additional 600 cashback.
  • Get an extra 1.5% cashback on cashkaro when you purchase a OnePlus smartphone.
  • Using the coupon code MMPK35, firstcry will receive a flat 35% discount and further rebates.
  • Get 20% Cashback & 50% Off NNOW Fashion.


How do we request our incentives and cashback together?

  • Your Verified Cashback Amount Is More Than Rs. 250 & Your Verified Rewards Amount Is Zero.
  • Confirmed Cashback = Rs 0, Rewards = Rs 250+, and Gift Cards are available as payment alternatives.
  • If the confirmed cashback is 50 rupees and the rewards are 200 rupees, the payment alternatives are gift cards.
  • Confirmed Cashback: Rs. 200, Rewards: Rs. 50; Gift Cards accepted as payment.
  • *Your incentives cannot be paid to you in cash. Only when it exceeds Rs 250 may you receive Cashback as Cash.

Do you receive cashback or rewards for your referrals?

Your referral earnings will be added to your rewards balance.

Which categories of retailers offer savings?

You may save money at more than 1500 stores by using the search bar to look up stores like “Amazon/Flipkart, etc.”. There, you’ll find the best bargains.

Is CashKaro a legitimate website?

The top cashback and coupon website in India is CashKaro, which also lets you compare product prices before you make a purchase. With over Rs 150 crore in cashback provided to its subscribers, it boasts the highest cashback rates.

Customer Care

Call the customer service hotline at 9821397418 or 8527264999.

Message me at


Alright, Friends. Join the Cashkaro app to receive considerably greater savings and Cashback on all online purchases. If you have any questions, you may leave a note in the comment box. CashKaro Referral Code 2023, Flat 10% Referral Earnings Every Time. We’ll get back to you.

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