September 22, 2023
Daman Games - Best Online earning app

Daman Games – Best Online earning app

Daman games are a casino game where you can make money playing skill-based games. There are many games available, including slots, casino, and sports games. You can earn passive income using your skills. This is a trusted online casino game because it has been in the industry for 9 years. It also has 1,20,000 players. This is a time-paying online casino game. Daman offers legit and best colour prediction games, along with other casino games.

Daman Games - Best Online earning app
Daman Games – Best Online earning app

Daman Games – Best Online earning app

How Daman games Casino App works?

Step 1 – you can choose to play 1 minute, 3, 5 or 10 minutes game. more time game you select more time you will get to think but more patience required.
Step 2 – choose your lucky number or color.
Step 3 – choose betting amount & confirm.
Step 4 – If your chosen color or number comes in result you will earn bonus 1.92X for color & 9X for number.

Which games Daman casino game has?

Daman Games earn money
Daman Games earn money
  1. Guessing Game contains color & number games, Lotre, Highlow, and odd-even predictions.
  2. Fishing Game– A fun game that you can play to make money.
  3. Slots– There are TB slots games that you can play.
  4. Casino: In this casino, you can play Baccarat and Roullette as well as Sic Bo.
  5. Sports: Play and make money online with a variety of sports games.

1- Daman color prediction game / High-Low, Odd-Even, Lotre.

Daman offers color prediction and number prediction game. You can make money guessing the next color out of 2 colors, and numbers out of 10. For right color prediction, your earnings will double and for right number prediction, 9X. As the winning probability with color prediction is high, I recommend that you bet on colors. It also offers a high-Low or odd prediction game.

2- Fishing Game to earn money.

You can play fishing games with this app. It’s easy to win and fun. There are 11 different fishing games that you can choose from. You can then pick the one that gives you more revenue.

3- Daman slots game for real cash earning.

You can play many different types of games with them. There are many options on daman for you to choose from and make money. There are 6 server / games available in Slot Games . You can play all the slot games, or you can choose one that gives you a higher income.

4- Casino – Best casino game to earn money online.

You can also play online casino games for real money. You can use your casino skills to win big cash. You can play on 2 servers DG Casino and AG Casino. To play casino online, you can choose any server. I prefer DG casino, and it works well. Baccarat and Dragon Tiger, Roulette, and Sic Bo are all available at Casino. I like playing Baccarat because it is easy to understand, and I have made a lot of money playing Baccarat online casino.

5- Sports Prediction real Cash.

The app has Sabah sport, AG sport, IM sport, CMD sport games inside it. I didn’t played sports games yet so cant tell further details. You can check them and let me know reviews in comment section. These games works on real time event so there is no scamming involved.

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How much Investment required to earn money online on Daman App?

Start by making a deposit as small as 100 rupees. Then you can begin playing. You will earn more if you play well, but you can only invest as much as you want. Start with 100 dollars and then start to learn the game. Once you feel comfortable, you can increase your betting amounts and make more money.

Daman Games Link to create Account.

Create Account at Daman Games. After clicking on this link fillout short form. Then go to Daman homepage and click on My tab then Login. Then you can recharge your wallet and start earning money online.

how to recharge Daman Wallet?

Step – 1 – Login to account from Daman Login page
Step 2 – go to recharge> select Amount, click on recharge > select Local UPI or Fast UPI > Copy UPI code > Pay using your UPI application like Phonepe and Gpay > Enter 12 digit UTR – transaction ID and click submit your account will be recharged. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes to get money loaded into account.

how to recharge Daman Games Wallet?
how to recharge Daman Games Wallet?

How to Play games on Daman and Earn money?

You can contact Jennifer after registering on Daman. She will assist you with any question. If you would like to become an agent and earn money through referring Daman Games to others, you can join telegram by telling her your user ID. Join Daman Games Then screenshot your daman ID then send to Jennifer Telegram ID she will help you with everything.

Daman Games Withdrawal proof.

Daman games is trusted casino app, and you can see my payment proof below. Which shows they are trusted and on time paying casino app.

Daman app payment proof
Daman app payment proof
Daman games withdrawal proof
Daman games withdrawal proof

Daman games app with no withdrawal fees.

Daman is a color prediction and casino app that does not charge you for withdrawals. You will receive 100% of your withdrawal amount to your bank account. Some color prediction apps charge withdrawal fees of 3% to 5%. Daman has no withdrawal fees, which is the best part about this earning app.

Earn money without Investment – Daman Promotion.

Daman games offers a referral program where you can invite friends to play and earn commissions. Referral system of Daman games allowed me to earn 1 lakh rupees per month. Just go to the Invite section, copy your link, and then share it with your friends. You can earn commissions from all four levels of Daman’s referral program. Promoting is a powerful way to make money without risk and without investing.

You can earn extra money by completing tasks, in addition to the referral commission. These can be found on Center > promote mission. You can then claim your task earnings. So far, I have 24000 rupees earned by completing task 9 to level 9. For example, if you refer 200 people to play daman-earning games, you will receive a task reward of 10,555 Indian Rupees. Next, I need to invite 500 people. Then I will get 25,555 INR Task Reward. You will also earn commission if the user plays the game.

Earn money without Investment  on Daman games casino
Earn money without Investment on Daman games casino

Daman Games App download

Daman games also has android apk to download, to download Daman app you need to register daman account first. Then Go to Home section and at top right corner you will find Daman app download Link. Click on that link and download app as shown in below image tutorial. But I recommend playing on Chrome browser as Daman works best with browsers instead of App. App is not yet fully optimized.

daman games app download
daman games app download

I earn 9000 Indian rupees per day on Daman Games Casino app.

Daman earning application has no limits on how much you can make. It all depends on your efforts and intelligence while playing the game and referring friends. Daily average of 3000 INR. You can earn 3000 INR playing Baccarat and avg 6600 INR by referring friends to the game. This means that my daily earnings from Daman games total 9000 INR and I also earn additional rewards by participating in contests. For example, I won 10 Grams of gold for referring 200 people. So its Top online earning app.

Daman games real or fake?

Since last year, I have been playing Daman games and get paid on time. It is a real and legit game, so I can confidently state that it is. This post contains my withdrawal proofs. This proves daman to be trustworthy and real game. You can even get money in your account within 2 hours of requesting it. This app is a real cash game that you can play online.

Does Daman games has Hacks and Tricks to earn easily?

Many YouTube channels and websites claim to give you daman games hacks to earn huge money and win every time and also some will provide daman games tricks. But don’t fell for such things there is no hack or trick available to win every time. If its there no one will share they will earn by themselves. So stay away from such people. This game wholly depends on prediction skills and Luck factor.

How to earn in Daman online earning app?

Register first to earn money in Daman. Next, play various games such as TRX harsh, which is colour prediction, fishing game, and Live Sports prediction. Then, you can try your luck at casino games such as Baccarat, Andar bahar Sic-Bo, Dragon Tiger, and Sic-Bo.

How to earn in Daman without Investment?

Earning money without investing is possible too. To do this, you will need to use the Promotion scheme. This is nothing more than a refer and earn module. This is a powerful way to make money without investing. Daman Refer scheme is available at three levels. You simply need to refer friends to play online gaming and ask your friend for referrals. This will allow you to earn commissions each time your friend or friend plays the game. I earn 8K per day using referral scheme.

Is Daman games safe and secure?

Daman games is safe, and they pay on time. I have also included payment proofs in this post. Jennifer can be reached at this number: +917041654491 if you have any problems with your recharge wallet. She will assist you in resolving all issues with Daman. It is a legitimate and real earning app.

Daman Games YouTube Videos.

Daman Games Gold Award: I won 100K.Daman earning app allowed me to refer people to my website. As a promotion reward, I have earned as high as 20K. Daily I earn 5000-30,000/-Indian Rupees as commission. Last quarter, I won 2 Daman contests via daman. Daman Gold Rewards is the contest name. The first prize is 10 Lakh Indian Rupees. 12,143.95 United States Dollar. I was awarded the 5th prize in September, i.e. I won 5th prize, which was worth 50000 INR (607$) in gold. In November, I won 4th place which was 100000INR (1214$).

Daman earning app gold contest winner
Daman Games online earning app

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