September 22, 2023
Fiewin App real earning applications

Fiewin App – Online earning app download

My name is Ketan and I have been using Fiewin to make money online since the last 10 years. Today I’m going to tell you all about Fiewin App, the app that allows you to make money by playing games. Daman is the best game I recommend along with Fiewin. We will also tell you how to download fiewin app. Its one of the best colour prediction game.

Fiewin is an online game that allows you to make money by playing fun games. You can also invest in the game and win more. This is the best gaming platform to provide the best experience. This cash-earning app has over 5,000,000+ users. It also boasts 900,000+ investors. To date, people have earned 750,000,000 from Fiewin. We also posted Fiewin Hindi Review.

Fiewin App - Online earning app download
Fiewin App – Online earning app download

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fiewin app review

Safe Payment gateways.

There are many reasons to choose Fiewin as the best mobile earning app. One reason is the safe and reliable payment options. It’s supervised and cooperates with 4 payment methods.

fiewin earning app
fiewin earning app

Top customer service.

Fiewin App offers 24*7 customer support so that you can trust them. Their VIP service team is composed of professionals. You can deposit as little as 20rs and get fast withdrawals or recharges.

fiewin customer care number
fiewin customer care number

Fiewin is Best earning App.

Fiewin App offers many ways to make money. You can login to the app and check in, which will give you rewards even if you are not playing the game. If you log in for seven consecutive days, you will be able to earn a higher amount. You will also receive task rewards for completing various tasks such as 1st recharge and Invite friend. You can also get free money through telegram channels with the Lucky rupees option. Daman games is my primary earning app due to its high referral commission rates.

fiewin pro - best online earning app
fiewin pro – best online earning app

Join Fiewin App

how to play fiewin Games?

Available games to earn real money.

  • Dice
  • Fast Parity
  • Andar Bahar
  • MineSweeper
  • Circle game
  • Crash game
  • Hi-Lo
Fiewin Games to make money
Fiewin Games to make money

1- Fiewin App fast Parity

Below image shows that every 30S, a colour and number result will be announced. You will need to use your number prediction and colour prediction skills to place a bet and your money will multiply after 30 seconds. The right colour prediction will double the amount you invest, while number will earn you 9X earnings. If you place a bet on Violet (which sometimes comes in results only with numbers 0 and 5, you will receive 4X your stake amount.

Fiewin colour prediction game
Fiewin colour prediction game

2- Fiewin Minesweeper is a game that can make you money.

Minesweeper can also be fun. I recommend these games to anyone who is interested in having fun with higher stakes. Play responsibly. As shown below, there will be one mine from 16 blocks in minesweeper. You simply need to tap on the options that hide money. If you click on mine, you will lose. Even if you make a small profit, I suggest that you stop playing and not move on to the next block.

Play minesweeper for money
Play minesweeper for money

3- Dice online money making game.

Dice is another insane game you can play. To adjust the selected selector to predict the next result value, Your investment will increase if the results fall below your set value or you will lose. Higher selector value means higher risk, but greater rewards.

Play Dice game for real money
Play Dice game for real money

4- Crash Game

You will need to know when the plane will crash. Then you’ll need to stop it before it crashes and you get money multiplication as shown in game.

5- Andar Bahar: The easiest game to play and earn cash.

Andar Bahar is my favorite game. You will see one card on the screen and you need to guess which side it will appear. Your earnings will double if you place your bets on the correct side. Tie can be placed on either side. If match ties occur, you will earn 14X. However, Tie offers higher returns and is more risky.

Andar bahar earn money app
Andar bahar earn money app

6- Hi-Lo game.

A hole card is shown at the start of the game. If you correctly guess Hi/Lo, your money will double. If you win 7 consecutively, you’ll get the jackpot prize of 3,14000/-

7-Circle game – The latest trending cash game from Fiewin. also offers this popular earning game. Circle is a spin wheel to win type of game. Luck is the key factor in winning circle game. There is no secret to winning every time. All you need is your ability to predict. These earning opportunities are greater than if you bet on Elephant, Lion, or Cow. You will win if the pointer and spin wheels stop at the option you select.

Circle Earning game
Spin to win money
fiewin circle game to earn real money

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Fiewin App Download

Fiewin has removed download link to their homepage. My question is: Why do you need an app? The app version is not compatible. Fiewin is compatible with all browsers, including Chrome, Stock browser and Firefox. To play Fiewin games, I recommend using Chrome browser. Google chrome is more reliable than the Fiewin app’s last version. Apk is not required. App is not working properly yet and crashes sometimes still if you want to download then here is fiewin apk download link- Download fiewin from Playstore.

Fiewin Withdrawal proof.

Fiewin is trusted app and fastest paying app, You will get your money quickly in your bank account after clicking on withdraw. Withdraw also works on Sat-Sun so no worries you will get your money 24*7 without delay.

Fiewin Withdrawal proof.
Fiewin Withdrawal proof.

Join Fiewin App & start making money online.

Fiewin App – Online earning app download questions and Answers.

what is fiewin app?

Fiewin is online earning app where you can use your mobile, PC or laptop to play different kind of games and win real cash.

fiewin app is real or fake.

Many people has question fiewin is real or fake or is a scam or real? I can tell you that it is legit and trustworthy. They have paid me every month since the beginning of my 1.5-year tenure. Fiewin has attached payment proof as proof that they are trusted. Fiewin is a trusted and secure app. You can see that payment proofs have been attached. This shows fiewin is legitimate and secure. For more information, please visit the payment proofs section.

How do I withdraw money from Fiewin?

Fiewin makes it easy to withdraw money. Log in to your account and click on Add UPI. After adding UPI, enter your withdrawal amount, then click on withdraw. In 5 minutes, your money will be credited to your account.

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How to download Fiewin App?

The Fiewin Android app is now available in Google Playstore. It is available on Google Playstore in revisions 5.0, 6.0 and 6.2. 
Step 1 – fiewin register here

Step 2Get Fiewin App from Google Playstore The latest version of the app is available here
All you have to do is start making money. But Play store app has some flaws like recharge problems, Slow update etc. It works best with google chrome Browser.

How do you get free money on Fiewin? refer & Earn.

Daman games has a invite and earn program where you can earn three levels of referral income. Refer your friends to the game, and then ask them to refer more people. Both of you will benefit. Fiewin will give you a commission if your friends play the game and win. You can also earn huge rewards by completing invite tasks. Recently, I received 10000 RS for referring 100 users. When I have completed 200 refers, I will receive a 20,000RS task bonus and commission. Fiewin pays me 1500 to 2000 rupees each day.

Invite and Earn is a way to make money without investing. You can withdraw your earnings or use the cash to play more games and win more.

See detailed review of Fiewin’s earning app.

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