September 22, 2023
How to make money from mobile Apps?

How to make money from mobile Apps?

Earning a living has become a fundamental part of existence. It is difficult to make ends meet when people don’t have enough money to live a happy and healthy life. As a result, almost everyone now prioritizes making money above all else. The best strategy is to become acquainted with the money-making apps available in India.

These apps are ideal for moms, high school and college students, and anyone who wants to spend a little time doing something worthwhile rather than boring activities. So lets checkout ways to make money from mobile apps.

how to make money from mobile apps ?


how to make money from mobile apps?

1 Hour 1 hour

Download Chrome App

Earn money using google chrome browser

Download Google Chrome for your mobile device available on Paly store and Apple App store. Most of the Top earning apps listed here works great using google chrome and don’t require to install any other app.

Join Top earning apps that let you make money from mobile apps

Online earning app using mobile phone

We have listed Top 12 earning Apps that will let you make money from mobile apps. First 2 Apps require little investment (Daman Games and Fiewin App)as low as 200 RS and other 10 Apps are free to earn money. But if you want to make money fast in 1 hour you need to join first 2 apps which requires small investment or you can make money free too by joining their refer and earn program.

Play Games, Complete Tasks, Take survey’s or do reselling.

Play Games, Complete Tasks, Take survey's or do reselling.

Once you join any of games and apps listed below start completing tasks, taking surveys, playing games. On Daman and Fiewin you can play games like Colour prediction, Andar Bahar, Baccarat and make many fast. Other Apps are slow earning apps but involves no Risk. So I recommend Daman games and Fiewin app if you are comfortable with little investment and If you want to earn money without investment then remaining 10 apps listed on this page are perfect for you.

Refer you Friends to earn Commissions Lifetime.

Almost all the games and Apps listed here has Promotion scheme also called as refer & Earn system, Where you can refer people to play free / paid games and whenever your friends play you will make money. Some apps provide upto 30% commission. I earn daily 6000 to 7000 per day on Daman games and 1000-2000 per day on Fiewin App.

Final step – Enjoy Earning money.


All apps listed here are trusted earning apps, If you are trying apps other than these always check their trust score, Research about their online reviews then only join. Otherwise you will end up wasting your money. I have added Payment proof of Daman and Fiewin for your reference, Both are my top earning sources. Mainly by refer and earn.

Estimated Cost: 200 INR


  • Mobile Phone – Android/IOS
  • Little Initial Investment.
  • Most apps are free.
  • Spare time around 1 hour per day.


  • Smartphone to download Apps to make money.
  • Good Internet connection.
  • Chrome Browser.
  • Storage to Install Earning Apps.

Materials: Social Media – To refer friends and Earn. Whatsapp Group – To promote Apps.

Top 12 Apps to make money from mobile / Smartphone.

1- Fiewin App

I’m Ketan and I’ve used Fiewin to earn money online over the last 10 years. Today, I’ll tell you everything regarding Fiewin App, the app which allows you to earn money playing games. Daman can be the most popular game that I would recommend, along with Fiewin. We will provide you with the steps to download the application. It is one of the best games to predict colours. It’s also a reputable online earn money apps Pay proof is included for your reference.

Fiewin is an online game that allows players to earn money playing games that are fun. You can also make a bet and make more winnings. It is the most reliable gaming platform that gives you the most enjoyable experience. The app that earns cash has 5,000,000+ players. Additionally, it has more than 900,000 investors. So far, investors have made 750,000,000 on Fiewin. We also posted Fiewin Hindi Review.

Join Fiewin App

2- Daman Games.

Daman games are a type of casino game that allows you to earn money by playing games that require skill. There are a variety of games to play that include slots casinos, sports, and slot games. Earn an income from your talents. This is a reliable online casino game since the game has existed in business for nine years. There are also 1,20,000 players. It’s an instant-paying online gambling game. Daman offers legitimate and top games of colour prediction as well as other games at casinos. The image below demonstrates Daman is a trusted online earn money applications. Its best app to make money from mobile Apps.

Join daman Games.

3- mCent : Earn Paytm cash.

The mCent app is the the most practical choice for customers who prefer receiving a full referral reward. Through a variety of actions, including downloading specific apps, accessing other websites, viewing movies, and clicking affiliate links, users can also earn free cell phone recharges. This app connects to their Paytm account to process cash rewards quickly. Users
won’t have to worry about their data pack with mCent because it offers its customers an accessible data pack that works with all Indian mobile networks.

4- Loco : Watch game streams and make money.

One of the best apps for making money is called Loco, which enables users to make money by watching gamers play games. Isn’t it amazing! Users are being paid for running a live-streaming service for Indian gamers. One can play games on this app for free in their choice of language, including Bengali, Tamil, Hindi, and Marathi. This software is well-known because of the features and chances it offers, particularly among school and college students. Another good app to make money from mobile Apps.

5- Google Opinion Rewards : Survey App.

Google Opinion Rewards - Earn money on Apps
Google Opinion Rewards

In India, one of the most well-known apps for earning money is Google Opinion Rewards. It is a paid survey app that allows users to pay to take surveys in exchange for cash. With this app, registration is simple. Create an account and
register yourself as soon as users download the app. Answer brief surveys after signing up to use this app to earn Google Play Credit. It gives users yet another chance to make money by posing short queries. It will pay users up to Rs. 32 for each response if users respond to those questions. Download Opinion rewards from PlayStore.

6- WONK : Online Tutor Job.

One of the largest sites where a tonne of online tutoring is making a sizable profit is Wonk. The app offers its services not just within the borders of India but also everywhere else in the world. It is a striking platform that enables users to
supplement their income and improve the efficiency and efficacy of their instruction. To be eligible to apply for an online tutoring profile, one must have the following:
● a diploma from a college
● strong communication abilities
● student with good listening and empathy
● proficiency with using internet-based resources and technologies for
online teaching
● subject-matter expertise

7- Databuddy : Earn paytm cash from Smartphone.

The Paytm cash market gave rise to the success of the Databuddy app. By downloading specific apps, posting images and GIFs on social media, and finishing tasks, you can use this program to earn a respectable income. By shopping at various e-commerce sites, such as Jabong, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and many other users may use the app to earn cashback. This software primarily serves as a go-between for the Paytm wallet and the interface.

Databuddy : Earn paytm cash from Smartphone.
Databuddy : Earn paytm cash from Smartphone.

8- MooCash : Earn money by playing games on Phone.

Playing games, viewing videos, and completing surveys can make money. Users can get payment from this app in cash, prepaid recharge cards, and bitcoin cryptocurrency. The program is most renowned for amusement, and
what more could one want than to receive rewards for watching amusing videos? Users can also get several gift cards from Google, iTunes, and Amazon through MooCash. It also provides free game tickets and vouchers, and lets users earn cashback on cell recharges. Once users have 3000 coins on the app, they can redeem the rewards.

Moocash - Swipe Unlock and earn money
Moocash – Swipe Unlock and earn money

9- TaskBucks : Complete easy tasks and Make money online.

One of the top money-making applications in India, TaskBucks allows users to get extra money by performing easy tasks, including installing other apps, going to other websites, watching commercials and videos, introducing friends and
family members, giving thoughts, completing surveys, and taking part in competitions. Through TaskBucks, customers can make up to Rs. 70 per day from referrals. The best-known features of this app are free Mobikwik money, Paytm cash, mobile, and data recharge, and postpaid mobile bill payments of up to Rs. 500 each month. Its popular app to make money from mobile Apps.

10- Meesho : Online Reselling App

Joining Meesho might assist users in starting their businesses. It is a great a reselling website that offers customizable alternatives for those looking to launch their own internet business. No matter whether a housewife or a student is looking for income without having to put any money up upfront. Many housewives’ using this app to make money from mobile Apps. All they have to do is download the app, select the product category, and start trading. Over this extensive reselling network, one will receive wholesale pricing for all the products. You can make money by selling products of your choice.

11- Roz Dhan : Task based smartphone earning App.

One of the most reliable applications for making money online is Roz Dhan. A variety of activities are available on this entertainment app, including collecting points for inviting friends, taking part in competitions, reading the news or the
most recent updates, installing other applications, playing games, completing surveys, etc. Users will be happy to learn that by using this software, one may even get money while walking and tracking their steps. One can also earn extra
money by doing things like visiting well-known sites, completing puzzles, and checking your daily horoscope. Rozdhan is another online app to make money from mobile or smartphone.

Roz Dhan - Earn 5000 online
Roz Dhan – Earn 5000 online

12- U Speak We Pay : Speak languages & earn money.

The app’s concept and incentive structure are implied by its name, “U Speak We Pay.” It essentially compensates consumers for reading out the displayed messages. Individuals are offered actual money in their accounts once they have finished reading. Users might wonder what advantage the business receives by requiring customers to read the texts. These messages are being
utilized as a database to educate AI systems on speech-related capabilities and voice recognition. These messages were read by numerous users from all over India. This app has more than 2 lakh people have registered for it, and it has more
than 13000 ratings on the Play Store.

Earn money by speaking languages
Earn money by speaking languages


This is a huge advantage, particularly for mothers who look after their kids full-time and cannot adhere to any routine. They are best suited for paid online surveys because they only take 15 minutes at a time and are not particularly engaging.
Freelancing or creating blog entries are feasible options for people with other commitments.

There are twice as many fake or scam opportunities online as real ones. To avoid losing more money than consumers make, taking extreme caution when checking them out is essential. Hope you like our Article about how to make money from mobile apps?

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