September 22, 2023
make money with smartphone


We could all make money with our smartphones.

Additionally, considering that many of us scroll for such long periods of time, you might as well make advantage of your fingers and use them to generate money from your phone.

There are many helpful apps, tools, and resources available, but it can be difficult to distinguish between those that are worthwhile investments of time and those that are a complete waste of time.

In this article, we’ll look at 11 of the greatest methods to utilize your phone for payment as well as some actions you can do to make it happen.

Let’s start now.

The Top 11 Smartphone Income Sources

Selling Old Stuff

Do you possess any unused books, furniture, or clothing from a previous era? (Or something else, really!)

You may sell them and make some extra cash using a variety of smartphone apps. Let’s examine a few.


Make money with Decluttr
Decluttr – sell your electronaics

Use this app to sell electronics and media, including books, games, DVDs, CDs, and cell phones. It provides quick next-day cash for your sold goods and free shipping on every purchase. The ability to scan a barcode to instantly determine an item’s value is a neat function.



Poshmark will cover the shipping if you list your products for sale. Even hosting a party where you and your friends list related goods together is an option. Remember that listing is free, but there is a price when you make something. You’ll pay $2.95 for everything under $15. You’ll pay 20% more for things that cost $15 or more.


Sell your products with Letgo
Sell your products with Letgo

This app has elements of Craigslist and a thrift store. You can only make local sales using this app, and since you can’t accept payments through it, you’ll have to set up the real sale with your customer.

Amazon Trade-In Your Old Items

Here is another way to earn money using your phone that involves selling items that you no longer need. Although you can only earn gift cards with this option, you can also earn cash.

You may send in tech products like Amazon Devices, video games, phones, accessories, and more through the excellent trade-in program offered by Amazon.

Sell Amazon Devices
Sell Amazon Devices

If your product qualifies, you’ll be presented with an offer right away for an Amazon gift card or a promotional credit toward the purchase of a new gadget.

Amazon will pay the shipping expenses, provide a free mailing label, and there are no additional fees.

Use Investment App

One of the finest choices you can make is to set yourself up for the future, even though you might be seeking some extra money right now.

There are some amazing investment apps available that can help you make money from your phone right now while also increasing your worth as you age.

Now let’s take a look at some of the best investment apps.


Betterment an Investment App
Betterment an Investment App

Betterment is a combination of savings and investing that was created for those who want to take charge of their money. The software allows you to establish goals and then design a personalized investment strategy to help you achieve those goals. Set up an automatic monthly deposit if managing investments gives you the shakes.



Without ever recognizing the difference, this app is a terrific way to begin investing. This is accomplished by the system automatically rounding up all of your purchases to the nearest dollar and depositing that sum into your investment account. By making purchases from the carefully chosen partners of Acorns, you can also earn additional funds for your account.


The media has recently paid a lot of attention to Robinhood. Frequently, more complicated trades like trading stocks and funds are made via this program. You’ll have access to “fractional shares,” which let you invest for as low as $1 rather than paying for a complete share of the asset you want to acquire.

Selling your data

Some people feel a little violated by the idea of downloading an app to their phones and “selling” their data. If you disagree, however, this is one of the best ways to monetize your smartphone without putting in any more effort.

As an illustration, Nielsen is one of the largest market research companies in the world. They are eager to watch what you do on your phone as a result, and they are even willing to pay you for it.

All you have to do to participate in Nielsen’s Computer & Mobile Panel is download a safe mobile app. All done! Your phone usage will be tracked and recorded by the app, which will provide the business with the crucial market research data they require.

Nielsen's Computer & Mobile Panel
Nielsen’s Computer & Mobile Panel

You can receive up to $50 in points for gift cards when you sign up.

Take Part in User Testing

The opinions of consumers regarding brands’ goods and services are important to them. Some of them will even pay you to share your opinions with them.

Brands may continue to make their services by using UserTesting’s assistance in obtaining this crucial input.

For a 5-minute user test, participants can receive $4 USD, and for a 20-minute user test, they can earn $10 USD. You can make $30 to $120 for in-person interviews.

User Testing
User Testing

You must provide some screening information in order for UserTesting to match you with appropriate goods and services to test.

If you’re considering user testing, another business to research is uTest.

Completing surveys

Most likely, you’ve heard of surveys. Even while they might not be the best way to spend your time, they might be a decent option if you’re stuck at home, on your daily commute, or in a DMV line.

Let’s examine a few well-known survey apps.


You can earn points with this app for completing surveys as well as other tasks like viewing videos, playing video games, and reading emails. In addition to receiving payment in cash, members may benefit from discounts and rewards for online purchases.

Study Junkie

You can receive prizes in addition to survey responses by disclosing information about your web usage. You will receive points for completing surveys and providing data, which you can exchange for gift cards or cash.

Selling Your Photos

Having fun taking pictures with your selfie stick. With your new iPhone, perhaps you consider yourself to be a modest amateur photographer. All it might take to make some extra money with apps like FOAP is a few appealing images.

The use of FOAP is totally free, and you are allowed to sell and resell the same image as often as you wish.

Selling photos for $10 nets you $5 off the sale. You can either compile your own portfolio of possible stock images for businesses or submit your photos to “missions.”

An assignment given by a larger organization to find particular photos is known as a mission. You can make a respectable sum of cash if your content manages to capture the mission poster’s attention.

Running Shopify store from phone

Did you realize that you might operate an online store right from the palm of your hand?

That’s correct, Shopify provides a mobile app that enables you to access all the tools you need to run your store from your phone.

The Shopify app allows you to compare sales channels, add products, manage inventory, execute orders, communicate with customers, and even monitor revenue levels.

When your store is up and running, you may manage your day-to-day store operations while you’re on the road by using the Shopify mobile app, even though you may first need to set up your store on a desktop.

Get Bonuses for Playing Games

On today’s smartphone app market, there are thousands of games to choose from. There are certain apps out there that can assist you in earning money while having fun, however the majority will only provide you with a means to pass the time.

For instance, the software Mistplay enables you to receive prizes for using your phone to play games.

You can earn units (MistPlay’s in-app currency) by playing and levelling up in games on the platform. After that, you may exchange your Units for gift cards to stores like Best Buy, Amazon, and iTunes.

There are games in many different genres available, such as survival, card, puzzle, adventure, and strategy games.

Get bonus for walking

Most of us already walk frequently, whether it’s merely to get to work or to take our dogs for a walk.

Using the useful app Sweatcoin, you can turn each step you take into “sweat coins.” Despite the fact that you cannot deposit the coins into your bank account, you can store them and spend them on goods and services. Rewards might include everything from headphones and electronics to sporting gear and audiobooks.

Currently, there are more than 300 brands linked to Sweatcoin, and more partners are joining all the time. Saving cash while getting in shape is a terrific way to do it.

Sweetcoin - Earn by walking
Sweatcoin – Earn by walking

Get Paid to Save the Environment

Why not make to the environment while also making your wallet a little greener?

Cleanspace is a terrific app that rewards users for protecting themselves and the environment with freebies and discounts.

The Cleanspace tag is a device that pairs with your phone through Bluetooth and tracks the levels of carbon monoxide in the area. It is used in conjunction with the app.

The program rewards you with freebies and discounts for each mile you walk, cycle, or avoid adding to pollution in any other manner. By examining your immediate surroundings, the app can infer how you’re moving around with intelligence. Really cool stuff, no?


There are a lot more features on your smartphone than just the ability to capture pictures and check in with pals.

You can use your phone to perform a variety of simple tasks to make extra money with the appropriate technique and apps. The majority of these duties are something you currently perform on a regular basis. So it’s simple to start earning money and receiving regular payments.

The top 11 ways to make money with your phone are summarised as follows:

  1. Selling Old Stuff
  2. Amazon Trade-In Your Old Items
  3. Use Investment App
  4. Selling your data
  5. Take Part in User Testing
  6. Completing surveys
  7. Selling Your Photos
  8. Running Shopify store from phone
  9. Get Bonuses for Playing Games
  10. Get bonus for walking
  11. Get Paid to Save the Environment

Do you know any further phone-related ways to make money? To assist others in making some extra money, please share them in the comments section.

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