September 22, 2023
earn money with rummy club game

Rummy club game free download – Earn money

The Rummy Club game Referral Code is a new rummy app that we learn about in this post. Hello, Dear Game Players! Welcome to all of you. Receive Rs. 41 if you sign up, and refer friends to get Rs. 10. These days, there are many apps accessible to play online and earn real money by using your smartphone. Rummy Club is the greatest app for playing rummy and poker.

Rummy Club Game -  Earn money Online
Rummy Club Game – Earn money Online

I’ll be discussing the Rummy Club referral code or referral link in this article today. We personally checked this app, and we are also providing the payment receipt. Sometimes it takes 10-15 minutes for your withdrawal to appear in your bank account.

Referral Code for Rummy Club Game | Rummy Club App

Rummy Club offers eight or more games that are connected to rummy, poker, fruit lines, fishing rush, teen patti, andar bahar, variations, and ten cards. The finest online gaming app is Rummy Club, which anyone can use on a smartphone to play games without needing a high-end gadget. To receive Rummy Club perks, simply click on the link provided. Once you have Rs. 100 in your wallet, you can play playing with your bonus money and withdraw it. To do this, input your bank information and transfer the money to your account.

Rummy Club has launched a referral program through which you can earn referral cash by referring your friends and family members. Once they sign up using your referral code, you will receive Rs. 10 per referral, and your friend will receive Rs. 41 as a signup bonus. You can use these bonuses to play games until you reach Rs. 100, at which point you can withdraw the money to your account. You don’t need to finish KYC in order to withdraw any referral cash that you receive into your account.

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How To Register With The Rummy Club App

  • Click the Download Button Link provided above to download this app to your smartphone.
  • Install the APK file after downloading it to your smartphone.
  • After downloading this app on your smartphone, you launch it.
  • After opening, you will have three options for logging in to this application: Facebook Login, Mobile Login, and Guest Login.
  • Now, if you like, you can log in here as a guest or use your Facebook account.
  • Clicking on the Mobile Login option will enable you to receive the 10 Signup Bonus.
  • Then, enter your registered cellphone number and select Get OTP.
Bind Your Phone number
Bind Your Phone number
  • You will now get an OTP on the mobile number you provided.
  • You must now confirm the OTP.
  • Your account will be registered as soon as your OTP has been validated, and you’ll also receive a 10-euro sign-up bonus.
App NameRummy Club
PublisherRummy Game
App VersionLatest
App Size42 MB
Sign Up Bonus₹15
Referral Bonus₹15 Sign Up and 30% lifetime
DownloadRummy Club App
Rummy Club App

Games Available In Rummy Club

Games offered in Rummy Club
Games offered in Rummy Club

Different Rummy and Teen Patti game styles are available for you to choose from in the Rummy Club Apps. One application allows you to play multiple games simultaneously. We provide details on every game that is offered in this programme.

  1. Dragon vs. Tiger
  2. Teen Patti
  3. 10-Card Rummy
  4. 7Up Game
  5. Andar Bahar
  6. Car Roulette
  7. Black Jack
  8. Teen Patti 20-20
  9. Poker
  10. Zoo Roulette
  11. Best Of Five

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Rummy Club – Unlimited Earning Strategies for Dragon vs. Tiger

Friends, we have discovered that most of the 90% of users on Teen Patti Game Rummy are currently unable to earn from the game. The main cause of this is that neither of these individuals has come to play the Teen Patti game or rummy game, nor do they have a proper understanding of these games. They are therefore losing money here whilst gaining money elsewhere. Due to this, we have provided you with a fantastic method to earn money using a rummy game application. This method allows you to earn between ₹200 and ₹500 per day.

You can play the Dragon vs. Tiger game in this programme, friends. It’s really simple to play the Dragon vs. Tiger game here; all you have to do is make a simple estimate as to whether the Dragon or Tiger will prevail. You could actually win money if your prediction is accurate. This means that if you win a game, you will receive twice as much money as you first invested. Now that we understand how to profit from the Dragon vs. Tiger game.

Adding at least ₹5000 to your application is required before you can earn earning money with the Dragon vs. Tiger game. The Dragon vs. Tiger game is then launched. You must now disassemble this in a very basic manner if you want to write your name on the tiger or the dragon. If we wish to bet on Tiger, we might wager $100 on the Tiger of our first village. If we lose this game, Tiger will once again receive a double bet of ₹100 to ₹200. We have a 200–400 double bet on Tiger if we lose this game.

Guys, this procedure continues till we triumph in the game. After 5 Rounds, I have no reason to bother you. There will come a day when you win this game and receive a profit of the full 100 in 6 or 7 rounds. Here, you can only wager on one side. And today, Rs 100 arranges for just the double amount of money. Only now, if you have enough money in your account, may you apply this trick.

How To Add Cash To Club Rummy APK

How to add money in Rummy Club
How to add money in Rummy Club
  • Launch App and then, Select Shop.
  • You have the chance to add an amount between 10 and 100,000 rupees in this application; select it based on your preferences.
  • Once you’ve chosen UPI, Phone Pe, Google Pay, or Paytm as your method of payment, click Add Cash and then Next Step.
  • Now finish Rummy Club KYC by entering your Name, Phone Number, and Email, then click the Proceed button.
  • You then click the Pay Now button after choosing your payment method.

How to withdraw money?

To make payment withdrawals in Rummy Club APK, you don’t need to worry too much. This programme makes it very easy for you to withdraw your payment.

Withdrawal money from Rummy Club
Withdrawal money from Rummy Club

The actions listed below should be followed to complete a payment withdrawal.

  1. Click the Withdrawal Button on the Home Page of this application to request a payment withdrawal.
  2. You now have a few alternatives in front of you, including the ability to withdraw payments ranging in amount from as little as ₹100 to as much as ₹10,000.
  3. Select the amount you wish to withdraw at this time.
  4. Feel your UPI ID or bank account information now.
  5. Following that, you press the Withdrawal Button.
  6. Immediately after you click the Withdrawal Button, your payment will be credited to your bank account in 2 to 3 hours.

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Refer and earn money

Refer and Earn
refer and earn

Friends, if you want to, you can earn money here without taking any risks. With no stress or risk, you may therefore earn money with this tool extremely easily. You get referral programme features in this application. By just marketing this programme with the use of these features, you can earn between ₹500 and ₹1000 per day.

You receive a 15 bonus for each new user you refer to this application. In addition, you will receive a 30% commission of the money’s tax when a game you invited plays a game and invests money in it. Imagine that a player wagers ₹1,000 on a game. You will receive a 30% commission, or ₹30 if the tax of ₹100 is subtracted from it.

VIP Bonus for Rummy Club

You have the fantastic function of VIP Bonus to receive an additional bonus in this programme. Sign-In bonuses, Weekly Bonuses, Monthly Bonuses, and Level bonuses are all available under VIP bonuses. You need to recharge with ₹500 yen in order to receive the VIP Bonus.

Your account will receive the VIP Bonus as soon as you reload ₹500. You must select the Sign In Bonus option after the VIP Bonus has been triggered. To get your weekly bonus, select Claim Weekly Bonus. Get the monthly bonus by selecting the Minister Option button. then select Level Claim to receive Level Bonus.

Bonus for the 2023 Indian Premier League (IPL) at Rummy Club

Friends, if you want to earn money right now but you don’t know much about the game Teen Patti. This application has just released a fantastic cricket game for you. Here’s how you may place bets on your favourite team every day and win good money if you know a little bit about cricket.

Simply placing a wager on your favourite team is all that is required in this situation. You will receive just the opposite of what you put in if your team wins the game. You can bet as little as $200 and as much as $10,000 on your favourite team here. In addition to this, you may earn a further 2% commission by introducing your friends and family to play cricket here.

Ranking Features in Club Rummy Game?

For all of you users, the friend ranking features are the greatest. You may view your ranking here if you wish to earn in rummy games for money. Your ranking will improve the better you play the game here. Every user from the company who finishes in the top 3 every month receives cash compensation from the business. By giving your absolute best in the game, you can earn real money every month.

Is a safe option offered by Club Rummy APK?

In this App, you have access to a Safe Option for your convenience. In this application, you can earn as much real money as you like. Aside from that Earn free bonuses Here, you have a safe place to keep the real money from the free bonuses. Your money is safe with us, which is an advantage of this feature. Anytime you wish, you can easily transfer money to your My Account on this site.

Describe the Mail Option Rummy Club App

You can find a mail option on the home page, friends. You can get information about all of the activities taking place in this application here. You may learn more about the newest updates and features that have been added to this programme here.

Advantages of Rummy Club App

You may find a tonne of fantastic features in the Rummy Club APK for all users. First and foremost, it’s crucial for you to be aware of the incredible characteristics of this application if you want to earn money by downloading it to your smartphone. Let’s talk about some of the key attributes of this application.

Play a Game With Real People

Friends, you have the option to play the Teen Patti card game online with real people here. How our buddies and I play our card games at home. Similarly to that, this site allows you to play the card games Teen Patti and Rummy with players from all around India.


You have the option to play the game in Hindi, English, Marathi, or Urdu with this programme. By choosing your native language, you can play in the game here.

Great User Interface

Friends, the user interface of this programme is incredibly user-friendly and appealing. The interface received a lot of attention during this application’s creation. This application’s home page has a great design.

Fast Payment Withdrawal

Here, there won’t be any payment-related issues for you. Here you can withdraw money from any location within 24 hours. withdraw method is really very quick.

Excellent Offers

The company sometimes launches excellent offers to get you a free bonus and a free commission in this application. You may view monthly offerings from various businesses here.

Mutiple Games

In this programme, you have the option to play a variety of card games connected to the Teen Patti and Rummy games. Apart from this, you may play casino games, poker games, and cricket games here.

Quick Support

The organisation offers full support through this application in the event of any issues, which is the second most important feature. Additionally, the business swiftly resolves any issues you may have.

Multiple Income Support

Friends, this programme offers multiple income sources through which you can win real money worth lakhs of rupees each month. In this place, you can play games and earn money. In addition to this, you can use this site to promote this application and earn money.

Rummy Club Helpline Number and Customer Support

Customer Care Information
Customer Care Information

In the event of any issue, you receive immediate customer service here. Any issue you may have can be discussed with the customer service representative here, and you will receive a prompt resolution. The customer service representative’s phone number for this application is provided below.

Phone Number for Rummy Club: +63 9774611576

Phone numbers for RummyClub’s customer service: +63 9774611576

WhatsApp: +63 9774611576


Is it safe to use?

If you are unsure about this application in any way. This programme is 100 percent secure, I want to assure you, everybody. Here, you don’t need to worry about this application in any way. For the previous 8 months, I have been using this application myself. In addition to this, we frequently left from here to make successful payments.

Is it allowed to play the card games rummy and Teen Patti in India?

Friends, you can play Teen Patti Game Rummy without any hassle in India. It is quite legal to play Teen Patti in India. However, there are still some Indian states where the Teen Patti game app is illegal. You should not download or play the Teen Patti game if you are a resident of one of the states listed below.

  1. Telangana
  2. Assam
  3. Orissa
  4. Gujarat
  5. Maharashtra
  6. Delhi
  7. Andhra Pradesh
  8. Tami Nadu
  9. Nagaland
  10. Sikkim

How Do I Play the Game in the Rummy Club App?

Many people still don’t have any knowledge of how to play the games, Teen Patti and Rummy. However, these people play games like Teen Patti and Rummy to get money. You don’t need to worry any longer if you don’t know how to play the Teen Patti game. You can choose how to play the game with this programme. Through this option, you can acquire comprehensive information about playing the games Teen Patti and Rummy. Here, detailed instructions for playing the Rummy and Teen Patti games have been provided, along with pictures.

How Do You Use a Guest Account?

Friends, this application provides you with a guest account. Still, the majority of users are lacking in their knowledge about guest accounts. For individuals who are unfamiliar with the Teen Patti game of Rummy, a guest account has been created. By visiting a guest account, you can practise the games, Rummy and Teen Patti. In addition, this game has useful information about all games.

Rummy Club Sign-Up Bonus Amount?

Rummy Club Sign-Up Bonus is Rs.10.

Minimum Withdraw Amount?

The minimum withdrawal is 100 rupees.

How much can you deposit on the Rummy Club App in total?

The maximum deposit is Rs. 100

How much bonus do you receive from the Rummy Club App for each invite?

Each invite costs Rs.10.

How much of a commission do you receive for recharges on the Rummy Club app?

Recharge Commission 100% Only First Deposit.


You have been informed about Rummy Club Apps, Download Rummy Club APK, and Download Rummy Club Game by reading this page, friends. If you want to earn the rummy game for money and are looking for a decent app for it. Therefore, today on your smartphone, download the rummy game application that we specified.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed the knowledge we shared with you. You must save our website to your favourites if you want to get the greatest and related information on games like Teen Patti and Rummy. Enjoy!

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