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Top 10 Trusted online earn money Apps & websites

Best trusted online earn money apps/websites, compiled here. Things have changed during this era of internet as more ways of earning money online are coming up. In 2020, most of the individuals ventured into online task. People had to work, learn, and do more other task online while at home due to the outbreak of covid 19.

We have a number of individuals who succeeded on online apps during that period of covid 19. They include, famous tiktokers like Khaby Lame and others. Those tiktokers do earn from this wonderful app. Apart the popular Tiktok app, I will take you through other best online earning apps that are legit. We have compiled a list of survey apps, sharing apps, investing apps, and more. Let’s dive in. So lets explore Top 10 Trusted online earn money Apps & websites.

Top 10 Trusted online earn money Apps & websites
Top 10 Trusted online earn money Apps & websites

Top 10 best trusted online earn money Apps & Websites

1- Daman Games – Casino App

Daman games are a casino game where you can make money playing skill-based games. There are many games available, including slots, casino, and sports games. You can earn passive income using your skills. This is a trusted online casino game because it has been in the industry for 9 years. It also has 1,20,000 players. This is a time-paying online casino game. Daman offers legit and best colour prediction games, along with other casino games. The screenshot below shows Daman is trusted online earn money Apps.

Daman Games withdrawal proof
Daman Games withdrawal proof

Read Detailed review of Daman Games.

Create Daman Games Account.

2- Fiewin App – Earn real money online.

My name is Ketan and I have been using Fiewin to make money online since the last 10 years. Today I’m going to tell you all about Fiewin App, the app that allows you to make money by playing games. Daman is the best game I recommend along with Fiewin. We will also tell you how to download fiewin app. Its one of the best colour prediction game. Its another trusted online earn money Apps , Payment proof added for your reference.

Fiewin is an online game that allows you to make money by playing fun games. You can also invest in the game and win more. This is the best gaming platform to provide the best experience. This cash-earning app has over 5,000,000+ users. It also boasts 900,000+ investors. To date, people have earned 750,000,000 from Fiewin. We also posted Fiewin Hindi Review.

Fiewin Trusted online earn money Apps Withdrawal proof

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Create Fiewin Account.

3- Swagbucks – Real cash earning app.

This is one app you can earn real cash by just completing some simple tasks. This app will pay you for taking surveys. Moreover, you can also do other simple tasks like playing games, watching videos, and shop online with cash back. This app deserves to be one of the best online earning app with its wonderful payments. They will give you a total of $10 sign up bonus. Swagbucks have payment options from PayPal, payment cards, and more. You will absolutely earn more with this app.

Swagbucks - Real cash earning app.
Swagbucks – trusted online earn money apps and website.

Join Swagbucks.

4- Remotask – Real earning App.

This a great app that will give you an opportunity to earn money online. The app is legit and personally I have earned some coins from this app. You can log into their website and register to compete some tasks as you are getting paid. Though this platform has no app but it’s improving constantly to give the best experience. Remotaskers are urged to adopt to those changes and can also recommend on were to improve.

Remotask - Real earning App.
Remotask – Real trusted online earn money apps and sites

You will be given some training, and tips, in order to earn big this platform. You also be able to interact with other 10,000 plus remotaskers. To be able to make money with remotask, you’ll need a computer or laptop with internet connection. You should also have a PayPal account where you’ll be reviewed your money. This platform aim is to build real AI with the help of individuals. It may sound difficult but the tasks are simple like image annotations, identifying, labeling and more.

5- U speak we pay – Real money making website.

By just looking at the name of this app, you can tell what it’s all about. This app will pay you real cash when you share your voice. The aim of this platform is to train artificial intelligence (AI) with your audio. You will first select your favourite language then read sentences while recording your voice.

U speak we pay - Real money making website.
U speak we pay – Real money making website.

Apart from earning through audio, you can also refer friends and family as you earn the referral bonuses. This platform supports multiple languages, including Hindi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Kannada, and Odia. You will read sentences that flashes on screen and as soon as recording is finished. You’ll get your money straight to your bank account.

6- Google opinion app – Most trusted online earn money Apps.

Google opinion is one way people make money online in many countries. You can join more other individuals in earning from this platform. Google being a popular and a top company in the world, you can help them in online surveys. Registration in this application is fast and easy.

Once you are done registering, you can get started in answering some basic and simple questionnaires. When you answer their questions correctly, you will be paid in form of Google play credit. You can use the google play credit in shopping, buying games, internet, music albums, tickets, and cinema. This is most trusted online earn money apps.

7- Fiverr – Best freelance app to earn money.

This is another app that can give you work as you’ll be get reliable money. Fiverr is a great platform and has created online jobs to many. In fiver, you will be able to use your skills to make money. For instance, you can write articles, or create websites to clients just like me. Moreover, you can also work as a graphics designer, data entry, tech jobs, and more others.

This platform is a great place to sell your online services to clients. Though, it will require time, consistence, and hard work to succeed in this platform. It is not a bed of roses but you’ll need commitment and dedication in order to find clients. Once you have find clients and created reputation with great ratings. This platform may end up giving you a full time job.

Join Fiverr & start freelancing

8- Upwork

This is another one of the best online earning apps/website. This platform works just like fiver where you’ll be selling online services. You can sell services such as data entry, writing articles, SEO, social media account manager, tech jobs like building apps, websites, and more. You will also need to be committed to this platform in order to get clients. Once you get clients and rated well, you will be on your way to success in this platform. Upwork is somewhat easier to create an account than fiver.

9- Amazon affiliates

Amazon is recognized globally as one of the best online shopping platform. This company also gives back to the society since it has also created money earning opportunities. You can work as an Amazon associate where you’ll be helping Amazon sell there products.

You will be earning commission’s on products or services sold via your affiliate links. You can market Amazon on your website, or social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and more. Besides, you can also make money via paid surveys. It is absolutely one of the best online earning apps/ website. Join Amazon Affiliates here.

10 – Survey Junkie

This app has great reviews on Google play, it deserves to be one of the best online earning apps. The platform has at least 10 million members. It not only have great reviews from real app users but also has an excellent score on trustpillot.

New users are given some high value task where they can earn big since it doesn’t offer sign up bonuses like some apps. You’ll require a minimum of 500 points, equivalent to $5 in order to withdraw to your PayPal account. Alternatively, you can use the reward points for gift cards. What a great opportunity to earn free cash. This app is currently not available in India. Join Survey Junkie to make money.

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