September 22, 2023
vclub color prediction game

Vclub Color prediction game – Download Earning Apk


vclub color prediction game
vclub color prediction game

hi there, Here is a Vclub color prediction game that you can play online on Android, PC, and iOS devices. It’s called Vclub colour & Number prediction game. They are also handling payments more quickly. In addition, it is a reliable game of colour prediction.

Vclub Real or Fake?

The vclub colour prediction game asserts that it is legitimate. They have a legitimate operation certificate and have been running steadily for more than 3 years. Therefore, it is a reliable colour prediction game. I also withdrew money 4-5 times, and each time it arrived in my bank account the same day. So, it’s an earning and paying app.

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Vclub color prediction game Review

You can play the online colour prediction game on any device using your browser, and there is also an Android app available.

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What does the colour prediction game for money entail?

If you’re looking for a simple and fast way to make money online in India, you may make a lot of money quickly. The ideal game for you is colour prediction game. It requires extremely little risk because all you have to do is choose between Red or Green, meaning that the possibility of your winning is 50%. No other betting method offers you as much probability.

If you’re willing to take on more danger, you may also wager on digits, which can multiply your winnings more than colours but involve greater risk. Keep reading to learn how much you may make using this faster method of making money by betting on colours.

How to play vclub color prediction game?

How to play Vclub Color prediction game
How to play Vclub Color prediction game
  • Number = 10X
  • Violet =4X
  • Red or Green = 2X

Example: Assume you bet 50 rupees on the colour red (the outcome is either red or green). If the outcome is red, you win and your bet will be doubled, or 100 rupees, whereas if the colour is green, you lose 50 rupees.

Consider placing a 50 rupee wager on number 4. If you win, you will receive 7 times that amount, or 350 rupees. additionally, if you wager on Violet, which can occasionally appear alongside red or green, you will profit by 4X, or 200 rupees, on a stake of 50 rupees.

Details for the game are listed below. You can wager on either colour or number, or you can wager on both colour and number; however, you must create distinct orders for colour and number.

Vclub welcome bonus

Welcome Bonus for Vclub players
Welcome Bonus for Vclub players

You receive a 121 Rs free bonus when you sign up with, which you can use to play the colour guessing game for free. However, you are only permitted to wager up to ten rupees per session, and in order to withdraw your winnings, you must recharge with at least 200. Thus, sign up, receive a bonus, and begin earning money with the Vclub colour guessing game.

The hottest platform for making money online in 2021–22, you may easily make 3,000–20,000 rupees per day using a mobile device.

  • Sign-Up Bonus: 121 Rs.
  • 200 Rs. Minimum Withdrawal [Instantly]

Click On Register Link:👉 Join Vclub Now & get 121 joining Bonus

How to recharge on Vclub?

How to recharge
How to recharge

Click on Recharge in the bottom left corner, enter the desired amount, and then click Recharge. Then, click Confirm to Pay. Then choose your method of payment and finish the transaction. The payment mechanism is simple. Payment proof

Vclub Withdrawal proof
Vclub Withdrawal proof

Earn money without investing with the Vclub Promotion’s colour prediction game

The finest recommend and earn scheme is on When a friend joins using your referral code, they receive 121 as a welcome bonus, and you receive 280 when they recharge with at least 200RS. With the help of the Vclub colour prediction game’s promotion system, you can make a lot of money with that sum. You can make a lot of money during your lifetime by using this method, along with the referral bonus for each friend you refer.

Agent Crore Cash Growth Plan – Vclub colour prediction game

Agent Crore Cash Growth Plan
Agent Crore Cash Growth Plan

You can make additional money on top of the referral income mentioned above by taking on promotions assignments. like 50 RS for the first referral, 300 RS for the following 5 referrals, and 4000 RS for the following 50 recommendations. You will receive a reward of 1 crore rupees after reaching the maximum level, which will change your life. Apk download

You must first register using the link below in order to receive the download link for the Vclub Android app.

Click on the provided Link:👉 Join Vclub Now & get 121 joining Bonus

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What Is Vclub App?

Providing predictions on the Vclub App, a colour prediction app, can earn you money. You can also get money with the Vclub Refer and Earn Program, where you can receive up to Rs. 280 for each referral.

How Do Online Predictions Work As A Form Of Income?

You must correctly predict one colour in this predictions game in order to succeed. There are numerous different kinds of prediction games, including Parity, Sapre, Bcone, and Emerd, among others.

How Do Colour Prediction Games Work?

You need to make a prediction about a colour and place your bet on it. If the outcome matches your predicted colour, you win and your money doubles.

Why Prediction of Color?

If your prediction of a colour is accurate, you win the game of “Color Prediction.”


The fascinating and exciting Color Prediction Game from Vclub is a game that will keep you entertained for hours. Nobody can anticipate with confidence what the next ball will be in this game of chance and luck. This adds to the game’s mystery and intrigue.

You can access the game every day of the week and play it for free. Players have the option of playing versus the computer or against other players. In addition, the game offers a variety of rewards for players who accurately predict the colour of the ball that is selected at random.

So why are you still waiting? Play today’s thrilling Color Prediction Game from Vclub to solve the mystery!

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